After years of crunching numbers in an attempt to balance our finances, traversing that thin line between saving enough money for our future while maintaining a quality way of life and falling off more often than not, I found that I understood the “how” of financial independence but not necessarily the “why.” The “how” is straightforward. Get a job, save a portion of your income for emergencies, college and retirement, build a level of wealth and retire with dignity. The “why” is infinitely more complex.

It’s not just about where we want to end up after the workday and career are over. In order to reach that ultimate destination as efficiently as we can, we have to understand why we are in our current position. Why do you spend money the way that you do? How much does environment factor into your financial choices? Cognitive biases play an active role in our approach to all things, including financial decisions. We rationalize our spending habits and criticize those of others, and the inability to see through those faults often explains our current setting.

The numbers matter. Absolutely. Our behaviors, however, are every bit as important. For that reason, this website will address both variables in helping you find your independence.

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